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Storage Item Info in Mesa, Arizona

U-STOR-IT Warehouse has compiled the following tips and storage information to help you make the best use of your storage unit.

Vehicle Storage

We can provide either indoor or outdoor storage options for your vehicles. Whether it's an RV, boat or truck, you should clean the vehicle out prior to leaving it in a storage facility. If it's stored outdoors, make sure windows are rolled all the way up to keep out rain. Ensure that no food items are left anywhere in the vehicle. If you store it outside, you may want to cover the vehicle to protect it from the sun and heat that we see so much of here in Mesa, AZ.


Items like refrigerators or freezers should be unplugged well before being moved and allowed to return to room temperature. Taking a cold appliance to storage will generally cause moisture problems. They should be cleaned before storage and wiped down to make sure they aren't wet. Ovens, ranges and other appliances involved in cooking should be cooled to room temperature and also thoroughly cleaned.


Service your bikes prior to storing them. In order to protect from rust, it's wise to wipe them down with machine oil. As with anything else, they should be cleaned before being left in storage. If you want easy access to your bikes while other things are being stored alongside them, consider keeping them at the front of the unit near the door.


If you're storing valuable or irreplaceable documents, such as birth certificates for the entire family, you should put them in a locked fire safe. This will protect them from being chewed on by rodents or other vermin, and it will keep them dry.

Expensive Items

Although it's always wise to have labels on boxes kept in storage, it's not a good idea to label things in a manner that is useful to thieves. If necessary, have a list that decodes which boxes actually contain valuables and take the list with you.